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Nicotine e-cigarettes are more

ef ective in helping people quit

smoking than conventional

nicotine-replacement therapy

(NRT), the Cochrane review,

considered to be gold standard

quality, conf rmed.

T e review of studies

published on the Cochrane

Database of Systematic Reviews

on Monday found high cer-

tainty evidence that e-cigarettes,

which allow users to vape

nicotine instead of smoke it,

led to better chances of quitting

smoking than patches, gums,

lozenges or other traditional


“In England, quite dif erent

from the rest of the world, e-

cigarettes have been embraced

by public health agencies as a

tool to help people reduce the

harm from smoking,” said Jamie

Hartmann-Boyce, assistant

professor of health policy

and promotion at the Uni-

versity of Massachusetts

Amherst in the US, said.

Vapes help more smokers quit

Vapes help more smokers quit

than NRT – latest Cochrane review

than NRT – latest Cochrane review

Once again, vape credentials validated by science

Supreme PLC, brand owner of

88vape, has partnered with Elf-

bar discounter B&M to provide

over 700 in-store vape recycling


T e scheme is the f rst to

appear in the estate of a nation-

wide retail chain, with all three

organisers saying the campaign

will “signif cantly increase” the

expansion of recycling.

“Here at Supreme, we

always want to be one step

ahead, and that’s no dif erent

regarding our environmental

impact,” said Sandy Chadha,

Supreme CEO.

Working with the Wastecare

Group, the UK’s largest collec-

tor of portable batteries for re-

cycling, the scheme will see a

more responsible handling of

the collected vapes, all

containing lithium bat-

teries. T e raw materials

will be recovered and

recycled in line with

existing disposal rules;

the vape batteries will

be processed to recover

the lithium, and the

f lter and nicotine ele-

ments sent for incinera-

tion. All these recycling

processes take place in

the UK.

A B&M spokesperson said:

“B&M welcomes the oppor-

tunity to work in a three-way

partnership with Elfbar and

Supreme to tackle the ongo-

ing environmental damage

occurring by single-

use, disposable vaping


“We want our con-

sumers to use the prod-

ucts we sell in a respon-

sible manner, and that

remains even when they

are no longer of use.

T ese new bins of er a

convenient and sustain-

able way for customers

to dispose of their vapes.

Like many of the other

products we sell, vapes should

never be binned or littered –

especially now they can be so

easily recycled.”

Supreme, Elfbar B&M partner

provide in-store vape recycling bins

“Most of the adults in the

US who smoke want to quit

but many f nd it really dif cult

to do so,” added Hartmann-

Boyce, who conducted research

at the University of Oxford in

England before joining UMass

Amherst earlier this year. “We

need a range of evidence-based

options for people to use to

quit smoking, as some people

will try many dif erent ways of

quitting before f nding one that

works for them.”

Hartmann-Boyce, a

Cochrane editor, is senior

author of the review, which

included 88 studies and more

than 27,235 participants – an

addition of 10 studies since the

last update in 2022. Most of

the studies analyzed took place

in the US, United Kingdom or


T e November 2022 review

has found “high certainty”

evidence that people are more

likely to stop smoking for at

least six months using nicotine

e-cigarettes, or vapes, than

using nicotine replacement

therapies, such as patches and


“We have very clear

evidence that, though not risk

free, nicotine e-cigarettes are

substantially less harmful than

smoking,” Hartmann-Boyce

said. “Some people who haven’t

had success in the past with

other quit aids have found e-

cigarettes have helped them.”

T e analysis found of 100

people using e-cigarettes to

stop smoking, 80% would be

expected to stop, compared

with six of 100 using traditional

NRT, and with four of 100 try-

ing to quit with no support or

behavioral support only.

Voopoo unveils Argus Pro

Voopoo unveils Argus Pro

2 with PnP X Platform

2 with PnP X Platform

Voopoo has released the 2nd Argus

Pro 2, the fi rst with PnP X platform,

boasting an extended atomization

lifespan where one coil sustains 100

ml without fl avor fading, coil burning

or leakage. The top airfl ow intake PnP

X cartridge DTL (Direct-to-Lung)

controls e-liquid and condensate leaks.

It is compatible with both the

package-included PnP X cartridge

DTL and the PnP X cartridge MTL

(Mouth-to-Lung), allowing users to

seamlessly switch between MTL and

DTL vaping experiences.

The product will be available in 5ml

and UK-compliant 2ml variants.

Innokin launches Trine pod

Innokin launches Trine pod

system, 3 in 1 structure

system, 3 in 1 structure

Vape brand Innokin has announced

the launch of Trine, redefining the

structure of pod systems with Atom-

izer, Control, and Battery (removable).

The “3 in 1” solution should greatly

improve the reusability of the battery,

extending the life cycle of devices far

beyond that of an individual battery

while enabling safe recycling.

Trine ensures safe battery dis-

posal by integrating EcoDrain, a

cutting-edge battery discharge

technology, setting a new industry

standard as an eco-safe solution for

battery disposal.

Innokin said this technology

minimises fi re hazards and reduces

the detrimental environmental impact.

Court fi nes Peterhead

Court fi nes Peterhead

retailer for underage

retailer for underage

vape sales

vape sales

Aberdeenshire Council’s Trading

Standards has stressed it will not toler-

ate retailers breaking the law and

selling tobacco or nicotine vape

products to anyone under the age of


Earlier this year, six shops in Peter-

head were visited as part of a test

purchase operation for disposable

vapes and cigarettes.

Despite the law around sales being

very clear, one town centre shop-

keeper made no ef ort to establish the

young person’s age – despite the fact

that she was just 16 – and he was re-

ported to the Procurator Fiscal.

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